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WNYVFA Memorial Scholarship

WNYVFA Memorial Scholarship Application Information
The Western New York Volunteer Fireman Association (WNYVFA) is proud to announce the 21st annual WNYVFA Memorial Scholarship for graduating high school seniors. Awarded in June of 2024, the scholarship(s) will be awarded to first-year students entering an accredited institution of higher learning.

The scholarship is available only to individual members in good standing of the WNYVFA (including the WNY Ladies Auxiliary) and their children. Awardee selection will be based on documented evidence of the applicant volunteer involvement in their community.

Applications for the WNYVFA Memorial Scholarship may be obtained from the following:

David Nedell - WNYVFA Scholarship Committee

WNYVFA Scholarship Application to open the WNYVFA Memorial Scholarship Application.

Along with the completed application, the applicant must include:

  •  Documentation verifying first term enrollment from the intended institution of higher learning
  • Two letters of recommendation; one from a High School teacher/administrator and one from a community leader (fire department officer, church official, etc.)
  • A maximum 250-word essay written by the applicant on the subject "The Value of Volunteerism in My Community".

Important Deadline: The completed applications must be postmarked NO LATER than April 1, 2024 at the above address

The Western New York Volunteer Firemen's Association Scholarship 2023 Winners. 

1st.  Place:                $375.00

1st.  Place:                $375.00

1st.  Place:                $375.00

Congratulations to our Winners!!

David Nedell

The Western New York Volunteer Firemen's Association Scholarship Committee. Donations to the scholarship fund are welcomed and needed!

Please send donations to:

David Nedell

WNYVFA Memorial Scholarship Background

Western New York Volunteer Firemen's Association Memorial Scholarship Background. The idea of a scholarship was initiated with a discussion of a donation from the estate of Past President Elmer Bassett (1955).

Various discussions took place at the quarterly meetings of the WNYVFA during the 1995 year. At the annual meeting in July 1996 of the Association, the scholarship committee was made a standing committee of the Association and was so stated in the by-laws.

The committee is comprised of the following that are appointed by the President on an annual basis:

  • First Vice President of WNYVFA
  • Second Vice President of WNYVFA
  • 5 at large members with at least one being a past President (one of these at large is appointed chairman)
  • Treasurer of WNYVFA as an ex-officio member


  • Set up fundraising ideas (explained later)
  • Submit budget request annually
  • Determine dates for mailings and deadlines for return of applications
  • Review and select recipients
  • Determine dollar amount and number of awards

The scholarship is available only to graduating high school seniors who are either individual members of WNYVFA (including WNY Ladies Auxiliary) or are children of a WNYVFA member (including WNY Ladies Auxiliary)

The scholarship is generally funded by soliciting member organizations of the WNYVFA (attachment 1) for donations, collections taken at WNYVFA meetings, or donations from individuals as memorials or contributions. The WNYVFA has also designated the interest from a CD to be put into the scholarship to assist the value of the award(s). Expenses for stationery, postage, etc. are taken care of by WNYVFA. Donations are forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit and acknowledged as they are received.


September to November

Committee discusses any changes to the scholarship, formulates the letters: and establishes the calendar with deadlines for the scholarship process.


Mailings are sent to all organizations that are members of the WNYVFA announcing the scholarship and the procedure to obtain an application.

Click here to download the application

Included in the January mailing is a request for donations to the scholarship fund with an explanation of the scholarship itself January to Application Deadline (late April - early May)

Applications are sent out to individuals who have requested one. Sent to each applicant is a letter explaining what needs to be done to fulfill the scholarship requirements and the application itself (attachment 2 and 3)

First Week of May

All information received from the eligible applicants prior to the deadline is photocopied and sent to each committee member. Included within the mailing are an explanatory letter and a scoring sheet (attachment 4) to tally the applicant's letter of recommendation from their high school, a letter of recommendation from a community leader, and their essay on volunteerism (as stated in attachment 2 and 3).

End of May

All of the committee evaluations are due. The committee meets at a pre-determined location to discuss and tally the results of the committee's evaluations of each applicant. Committee members who feel biased toward any applicant for any reason are not counted in the tally. The applicants are scored, totaled, then divided by the number of individuals judging to determine an average score. Highest average score is first; second highest average is second, and so on.

Amount and Number of Awards

A few factors determine the amount and number of awards. These factors include:

  • Amount of money available (determined from the treasurer's report). This will fluctuate annually but will generally be close to the anticipated amount stated in earlier mailings (attachment 1)
  • The number of applicants
  • The results of the average scores. If the committee feels that the results are close, then they try to assist as many as possible.
Announcing the Awards: (First of June)

The awardees are notified through mailings that are sent to their high schools. Two letters are sent:

  • The first notifies the school of the award and requests that the school announces it at their awards and/or graduating ceremonies
  • The second is a letter to be given to the student stating the necessary procedure to receive the award. The winners are also announced at the June quarterly meeting of WNYVFA, published in the annual convention yearbook and local committee program book, and various newspapers. The winners are also announced again at the annual July convention of the Association.
Processing the Award

Upon completion of the awardees first semester in secondary education, they must submit the following to the Chairman for verification

  • a transcript of their semester grades with at least a 2.0 (C) overall average -documentation of second-semester enrollment

The chairman, upon satisfaction that the awardee has met the requirements of the committee, contacts the Treasurer to process the award amount to the recipient.Click here to download the application.