Western New York Volunteer Firemen's Association, Inc. Constitution

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The purpose of this Association shall be to promote and improve the safety and welfare of the citizens and firefighters of Western New York by such means as specified in the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association Certificate of Incorporation and through the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association Constitution and Bylaws.

This Association shall also not engage in any activities that are reserved for or involve the internal affairs of fire corporations, fire departments, or volunteer fire companies, which are members of WNYVFA, nor shall the Association partake in activities that are prohibited under New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law or the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986.


Section I

This Association shall be composed of the organizations and persons entered upon the rolls at the time of the adoption of this revised Constitution and such other associates as may be from time to time admitted.

Section II

Membership in this organization shall be gathered from the counties of Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Niagara, Orleans, Steuben, and Wyoming, all in the State of New York.

Section III

The roll of this organization shall be comprised of members, five-year members, fully paid life members, sustaining members, and honorary members.

Section IV

For the purpose of this article, members shall be defined as any Volunteer Fire Company or Fire Department, and Exempt Volunteer Firemen’s Association, or Firemen’s Benevolent Association, or organizations thereof, volunteer ambulance services, including organization striving to enhance the fire service of New York State and all those other Volunteer Fire Organizations who comply with the By-Laws of this Association.

Section V

Five-year members and twenty-year fully paid life members shall be those members who qualify as such in accordance with the By-Laws of this Association.

Section VI

Honorary Memberships shall be granted to those who have rendered outstanding service to their community and the public at large.

Section VII

Sustaining members shall be those who through sale, service, and engineering of fire apparatus, fire equipment, fire protection equipment, have a unique and supporting role to the members of the Western New York Volunteer Firemen's Association.


Section I

The Officers of this Association shall be the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President. These officers, with the exception of the Immediate Past President, shall be elected for a term of one (1) year at the annual meeting of the Association.

Section II

There shall be elected a Board of Trustees. This Board shall be composed of one (1) member of each County holding membership in this Association. This member shall be nominated by the County Firemen's Association, which they represent and reside in. The Secretary of that County Firemen's Association shall submit a certificate to the Secretary of WNYVFA stating that that County for such position has duly nominated the WNYVFA Trustee candidate. This certificate shall be submitted to the WNYVFA Recording Secretary prior to the annual meeting of this Association. In the event that the County Secretary fails to file such certificate, then the office shall be declared vacant.

In the event that a duly elected Trustee vacates his office by moving, death, resignation, or removal from office, the Executive Committee shall request the County Association where the vacancy arose to nominate a new candidate within sixty days from the time the vacancy arose. The Executive Committee will at its next meeting after receiving the nomination, appoint the candidate to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term. The recommended term of the Trustee shall be no more than five (5) consecutive years, however, any county not able to follow this guideline, their duly elected trustee shall be accepted.

Section III

Terms of officers shall expire on the first of September each year. The officers elected at the Convention shall assume office on the first of September and assume duties at the organizational meeting in September.

Section IV

Any Officer or Trustee having three consecutive unexcused absences from meetings called by the President or as set forth in the By-Laws, his office shall be declared vacant. The vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the President as set forth in Section II above.

Section V

Qualifications for Officers:

  1. Be a member in good standing with WNYVFA for a minimum of five (5) years, and
  2. Chairman of a Standing Committee as read in Article V, Section I - Standing Committees
  3. Or served on such committee for a minimum of five (5) years,
  4. Or served as a Trustee for a minimum of five (5) years for his respective county in the WNYVFA.


Section I

  • Resolutions
  • Legislative
  • Nominating
  • Membership
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Prevention
  • Steering
  • Budget
  • Convention
  • Parade Rules
  • Fireman of the Year
  • Fire Police
  • Public Relations
  • By-Laws
  • Topics
  • Audits
  • Past Presidents
  • Bowling
  • Queen's Pageant
  • Tournament & Drill
  • Nozzle Practice
  • President's Participation Award
  • Service Award & 2% Tax
  • Memorial Scholarship

Section II

The President shall appoint the Chairman and members of each committee unless otherwise provided in the by-Laws. The President shall replace any Committee chairman or co-chairman if named, who does not attend at least one meeting out of the four regular business meetings. He shall select the replacement from the same county as his predecessor.

Section III

The Chairman of standing committees shall not be chosen to succeed themselves after they have served in such capacity for five consecutive years.


Section I

The regular Business Meetings of the Association shall be denoted as the quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee in the months of January, April, June, and September as well as the November Work Shop Meeting (actual dates to be determined in concurrence with the Association Executive Committee and the current local Committee).

Section II

Any and all regular business may be conducted as set forth in Article II Section I G of the Association By-Laws at the regular meetings of the Association.


Section 1

The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held on the fourth Friday [business meetings and other activities to be completed on both Friday and Saturday] in July of each year at such a place as a majority of the members of the Association, present at the meeting shall designate. In the event that such a meeting cannot be held in the place designated by the members, such meeting shall be held at some other place, designated by the Executive Committee Effective with July 2015 convention.

Section II

A failure to hold an Annual Meeting at the time designated shall in no way work dissolution of the Association.


Section I

This constitution may be amended on the second day of any annual meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided that the By-Laws Committee presents proposed amendments to the convention at the first day's meeting. All proposed amendments must be submitted in duplicate to the Secretary at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting.

Section II

A committee appointed to study a proposed amendment or revision shall be deemed sufficient for the submission of such proposed amendment or revision and, following such committee's report at the Annual Meeting be voted on at that meeting.

Section III

Wherever the words “Fireman/Firemen” appear, it shall be deemed“ Firefighter(s)” except in the name of the organization.




  1. It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all meetings of the Association, both regular and special. He or she shall call special meetings at the request of the majority of the Executive Committee or when he or she deems a call of the Association necessary, at such time and place as he or she or the Executive Committee shall designate. He or she shall appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms, Chaplain, Historian, and the following standing committees; A) Resolutions; B) Legislative; C) Nominating; D) Membership; E) Emergency Medical Services; F) Fire Prevention; G) Steering; H) Budget; I) Convention; J) Parade Rules; K) Firemen of the Year; L) Fire Police; M) Public Relations; N) By-Laws; O) Topics; P) Audit; Q) Past Presidents; R) Bowling; S) Queen’s Pageant; T) Tournament & Drill; U) Nozzle Practice; V) President’s Participation Awards; W) Service Award and 2% Tax; X)Memorial Scholarship.
  2. He or she shall appoint such other committees both regular and special which shall be deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the Association. He or she shall not appoint the Local Convention Committees. These committees shall be under the sole jurisdiction of the Convention Host.
  3. He or she shall act as chairman of the Executive Committee and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  4. He or she shall call quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee. He or she must call a meeting of the Executive Committee upon the written request of a majority of the members of the Board.
  5. The President of this Association shall ensure that a general surety bond be executed, satisfactory in form and security, to the Executive Board, in a sum established by the board. This bond is to cover all officers and committees handling monies of and for this Association. Said bond shall be filed with the President of this Association and the cost charged against the corporation.

Section 2 - Vice President

In the absence of the President at a meeting, the First Vice President, or in the absence of both the President and First Vice President, the Second Vice President shall respectfully preside and perform all other duties of the Presiding Officer. If a vacancy shall occur in the office of President by reason of death, resignation, or otherwise, the First Vice President shall thereupon become President of the Association. The Second Vice President shall become First Vice President and shall continue as such until the Association has chosen a successor. In the event of vacancies in both the President and the First Vice President offices, the Second Vice President shall become President of the Association and hold office, until the Association has chosen a successor.

Section 3 - Past President

It shall be the duty of the Immediate Past President to attend all meetings of the Executive Committee and perform such duties as may be assigned to him from time to time by the President of the Executive Committee. He shall be the delegate from the Association to the Convention of FASNY. In the event of his inability to attend such convention, he may delegate any member of the Executive Committee to act as delegate.

Section 4 - Recording Secretary

  1. It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to attend all meetings of the association and the Executive Committee and to make and keep a complete record of the proceedings of these bodies. He or she shall receive and answer all communications pertaining to the Association. He or She shall be responsible for the procurement of all convention liability insurance.
  2. The Recording Secretary shall be present with his books at the time of the audit.
  3. The Recording Secretary shall be responsible to send a copy of the Annual Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association Delegates Report to each member organization of the WNYVFA.
  4. The Recording Secretary will send all Life Members of the Association a list of the dates, times, and location of all regular business meetings and the Annual Convention no later than January 1 of each year.

Section 5 - Financial Secretary

  1. it shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to attend all meetings of the association and the executive committee. He or she shall collect all monies due to the association render a monthly account of same to the treasurer, paying over to the treasurer the amount received during the month, obtaining a receipt for same, and keeping an accurate record of their account. He shall countersign all orders on the treasurer and make such reports as the executive committee may require from time to time, and he shall verify that all orders for payment conform to the limit of the budget.
  2. He or she shall at the annual meeting make a full report on the condition of the association regarding the membership. He shall issue to each and every organization and member, whose current dues are paid, a printed card or certificate setting forth thereon that the possessor thereof is entitled to a badge and such other privileges as may be presented by the "citizens Committee." Where conventions are held, and upon surrender of said card or certificate to the local committee the badge shall be delivered without a roll call. On the opening of the convention, the financial secretary shall procure a printed list of all delegated, members and life members, who are, by the terms of the constitution and by-laws entitled to vote at the convention, and that the distribution of badges, etc., by the local committee shall be a separate room from the convention hall.
  3. The Financial Secretary shall be present at the time of the audit
  4. The Financial Secretary shall serve in absence of the treasurer.

Section 6 - Treasurer

  1. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all monies belonging to the Association from the Financial Secretary, to whom he shall give a receipt for same; and deposit these funds in a bank approved by the Executive Committee. He or she shall pay all bills upon order of the President, countersigned by the Financial Secretary. He or she shall at the Annual Meeting of the Association, make an interim report of the financial condition of the Association. He shall also make a report to the Executive Committee from time to time as they may require. He shall serve as "ex-officio" member of the Steering Committee and serve as their Treasurer. He or she will pay their bills out of their account on the order of the Secretary of the Steering Committee.
  2. The Treasurer shall be present with his or her books at the time of an audit.

Section 7 - Trustees

The duties of the Trustees shall be to act as members of the Executive Committee and to act as a Membership Committee. The chairman of the Trustees shall be the chairman of the Audit Committee.

Section 8 - Officer Reimbursement

All officers, following the provision of a signed annual Accountable Plan Agreement, will be entitled reimbursement of allowable and reasonable expenses on a quarterly basis upon presentation of a duly approved accounting of such expenditures including but not limited to mileage (at the IRS rate), supplies, and other reasonable expenses that encompass the office.

Section 9 - Conflict of Interest Policy

All officers will be required to sign a standard "Conflict of Interest Policy" annually.


Section 1

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, the ten immediate living Past Presidents, and Trustees representing the member counties.
  2. The executive power and management of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee which shall serve without compensation, except the Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, the Treasurer, whose salaries shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Executive Committee shall have power by a majority vote to call a special meeting of the Association and to examine books and papers of all officers and to suspend any officers after hearing, for malfeasance.
  4. The Executive Committee shall fill all vacancies, which occur between meetings of the Association, except the office of the President, First Vice President, and Second Vice President.
  5. Any financial item or amendment covering finances shall be left to the Executive Committee for their official action before being acted upon at any convention.
  6. When an election of any officer of the Association shall result in a tie, the decision shall be made by two- thirds vote of the Executive Committee present at the convention.
  7. At quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee, any member present may voice an opinion or speak on the subject under discussion upon recognition by the Presiding Officer. Power to make or second a motion or to vote on same shall be limited to members of the Executive Committee and members of standing committees present at the quarterly meeting.


Section 1

All standing committees shall meet in the convention city or town at 8:00 pm on the night before the date fixed for the opening of the Annual Meeting for the purpose of hearing all persons who may desire to appear, and for the further purpose of preparing their report to the convention. They shall meet at any other such time and place at the call of the chairman of the respective committee or the Executive Committee.

Section 2

The COMMITTEE ON RESOLUTIONS shall receive all resolutions from the members of the Association and present resolutions to the convention, provided, however, that this does not preclude any member from presenting a resolution to the convention at the proper time.

Section 3

The COMMITTEE ON LAWS AND LEGISLATION shall maintain close contact with the Legislature and the Congress and shall review all bills that are before or will be presented to those bodies relating to the welfare of this Association or any of its members, and they shall further advise the organization members of this Association of the progress of any such legislative matters.

The chairman of this committee shall be authorized to attend the Legislative Conference of the Legislative Committee of the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York and the Legislative Mini-Conference held in the spring, and his expenses shall be charged against the Association. In the event of the inability of the chairman to attend such meetings, he may designate any other member of his committee to act as an alternate.

The appointment of the chairman will become effective on November 1st and will continue until the following October 31st.


It shall be the duty of the NOMINATING COMMITTEE to present to the Association and place in nomination, at the Annual Convention a full slate of candidates for office; reserving the right however of the delegates and members of the Association to place in nomination other candidates for office, all of whom shall be balloted upon at the regular annual election of officers. The Nominating Committee shall make its report on the first day of the convention.

All endorsements for office in this association must be in the hands of the Chairman of the Nomination Committee at least twenty-four hours in advance of the night before the date fixed for the opening of the convention.

The convention in assembly is to take action on the report of the Nominating Committee directly after the report is given. Any further nominations for elective office shall be made from the floor at this time. Any candidate for elective office will have the right to appoint three checkers at the election polls and at the counting of the ballots. The election should take place from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM on the second day of the convention.


It shall be the duty of the MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE to stimulate growth of the Association. They shall encourage the application for membership of all qualified prospects, and each member of the committee shall do all in his or her power to maintain interest in the Association of all members within his respective county.


The duties of the EMERGENCY MEDICAL COMMITTEE shall be to foster interest in emergency medical service work by member organizations and to encourage the formation of emergency medical service squads. They shall assist the local convention committee in arranging for a First Aid Contest and help secure judges.


The FIRE PREVENTION COMMITTEE shall consist of a least one member from each of the member counties represented by this Association. The duties of this committee shall be to encourage and foster fire prevention by setting up a program for the Association.


The STEERING COMMITTEE shall consist of one member from each of the member counties of this Association. Each respective County shall appoint a member to serve for a five-year term. An alternate member can be appointed to represent the County if the member is unable to attend a meeting. If an appointment cannot be made from a County, that seat will remain vacant until an appointment is made. The appointed members of this Committee shall select a Chairman, Co-Chairman, and Secretary. Any appointed member must attend at least 75% of the meetings, rounded to the nearest whole number, or be removed from the committee. If any appointed members become a FASNY or Firemen’s Home elected official they may be replaced for the remaining term.

The President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Jr. Past President, and Treasurer of this Association and any elected officers of FASNY and the Firemen’s Home may serve as Ex-officio members of this committee. Ex-officio members must attend at least 75% of the meetings, rounded to the nearest whole number, or be removed from the committee.

No county is to have more than one vote. A simple majority of the votes cast will constitute approval. In the absence of the appointed member from a county, an ex-officio member present from the respective county shall cast a vote.

A Past President of FASNY, who is from a WNYVFA member county and is a good standing member of this Association, shall serve as a Resource to the Steering Committee for a term of five years following the completion of his or her term as President. He or she will only have full voting power if his or her county does not have representation at a time of voting.

There will be two counties terms expiring every year except in the fifth year where there will be three. Initial implementation of this bylaw will take place at the annual reorganization meeting of this committee. The newly elected Chairman will use a random selection process to determine which two counties (or three) terms will be expiring in successive order.

The duties of this committee shall be to encourage and promote candidates to any state or regional association.


The BUDGET AND PROGRAM BOOK COMMITTEE shall consist of a least five (5) members, whose duty it shall be to prepare and recommend a budget and publish proceedings of the annual convention.


The duties of the PARADE RULES COMMITTEE shall be to:

  1. Work with the local convention committee to organize a parade.
  2. Check the parade route for length and judging area.
  3. Issue to local parade committee a set of tentative instructions to help formulate a convention parade.
  4. Answer any and all complaints from marching units regarding the judging of a convention parade.
  5. Keep reviewing the parade rules and keep updating them to meet changing times and places.
  6. Cash prizes will be awarded in various categories to be determined by the WNYVFA Parade Rules Committee.

It is agreed that the total money paid out at the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Parade annually will be divided between Western New York and the Host Company or Department hosting the convention. Each parties share will not exceed $1635.


The FIREMEN OF THE YEAR COMMITTEE shall consist of a least five members. It will be their responsibility to notify all member organizations of the requirements for the Firemen of the Year and the Fire Service Awards. They shall receive and investigate all applications and select the recipients of these awards.


The FIRE POLICE COMMITTEE shall consist of at least five (5) members. It shall be their duty to become sufficiently proficient in the subject to serve in an advisory capacity for any member company in matters regarding fire police work to be presented at the annual convention. They shall be responsible for the preparation of the Fire Police Forum.


The PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE shall have the responsibility of improving the public image and providing a clear viewpoint of the objectives and desires of the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association. They shall at all times express the aims, expose the fallacies, and provide hope for the future expansion through public understanding.


The BY-LAWS COMMITTEE shall consist of a least five (5) members. It shall be their responsibility to review the By-Laws each year and make any recommendations for any changes, which they deem necessary for more efficient operation of the Association. They shall review all proposed amendments submitted to them.


The TOPICS COMMITTEE shall provide one outstanding speaker on each of the two days of the annual meeting of the Association.


The AUDIT COMMITTEE shall consist of six Trustees, minimum of three to function, appointed by the chairman of the Board of Trustees. They shall audit the books of the Secretary and Treasurer of the Association twice a year. The first audit should take place at 1:00 PM on the Wednesday of the Convention. The second Audit shall take place at 11:00 AM on the Sunday of the September meeting. Other audits may be conducted at such times as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.


The PAST PRESIDENT’S COMMITTEE shall consist of all Past Presidents with the Jr. Past President to act as chairman. They shall plan all activities concerning their members.


The HISTORY COMMITTEE shall consist of at least two (2) members. They shall keep a yearly summary of the outstanding events and report the current year’s activities at the annual convention.


The FIRE CHIEF’S COMMITTEE shall consist of at least five members. They shall be persons who are well versed in fire chief duties and responsibilities. This committee shall serve in an advisory capacity and be available to give aid in this area to all members. They shall set up and maintain an information service at the annual convention.


The WNYVFA BOWLING TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE shall consist of at least four members, whose duty is to sponsor a Bowling Tournament for the good of the WNYVFA. Any funds raised at such an event will go to the WNYVFA to help support such organizations as the Association so desires.


The QUEEN’S PAGEANT COMMITTEE shall have the responsibility of improving the public image of the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association by creating greater fire company and community involvement via the production of a Queen’s Pageant at the annual convention. It shall be the duty of the Queen’s Pageant Committee to assist the local Pageant Committee in every way possible upon their request.


The CONVENTION COMMITTEE, to consist of at least six (6) members to be made up of the previous year's Convention General Chairman, who will act as Chairman of the Committee, and three (3) upcoming convention General Chairman and two (2) appointed members who have served as convention General Chairman and will be appointed by the President of the WNYVFA. This committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Local Convention Committee, and shall in no way interfere with the operation of the convention.

This Committee will also select a site for the annual convention as per the following: When a person is elected to the position of Second Vice President of the WNYVFA in July, he/she will have until the September meeting to select a convention site for the Annual Convention during the year as President of the WNYVFA. The Host Company or Organization will also be required to execute a contract with the Western New York Volunteer Firemen's Association which will detail the duties and obligations of the Host Company or Organization, including but not limited to all meeting and/or convention expenses that will be the responsibility of the Host during the year and up to the Annual Convention. This contract would need to be executed no later than the September meeting of the Association.

If the Fire Company of the Second Vice President does not wish to host the convention, then the Second Vice President will meet with the Convention Committee to select a host Fire Company or organization from the list of convention bids proposals on file with the Recording Secretary. Then the Convention Committee will submit the selection to the membership for approval at the January meeting of the membership.


NOZZLE PRACTICE COMMITTEE shall consist of a chairman, co-chairman, and no more than ten other members on the committee to be responsible for the Western New York Nozzle Practice Drill to be held at the Annual Convention.


The PRESIDENT’S PARTICIPATION AWARDS COMMITTEE shall be represented by at least one (1) member from each of the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association counties and shall be responsible for the selection of the overall company that obtains the highest number of points by attendance at all phases of the WNYVFA Convention.


The SERVICE AWARD and 2% TAX COMMITTEE shall consist of five members appointed by the President to serve for one year on a committee to be titled Fire Service Award and 2% Tax Committee.

The committee shall be an advisory group to the Executive Committee and the membership on all matters pertaining to the Fire Service Award being Article 11A of the General Municipal Laws of New York State and to all matters relating to the distribution and use of the foreign fire insurance tax, being Sections 9104 and 9105 of the Insurance Laws of New York State.

The committee shall report on any other matters the president deems necessary.


The MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE shall consist of the First Vice President, Second Vice President, and five (5) appointed at large members of which at least one (1) shall be a Past President. The Treasurer shall serve as an ex-officio member.

The President shall appoint annually one of the five (5) at large members as a chairperson.

The Committee shall establish all criteria for annual awards and set their amounts and number. It shall also fix the date (year) for the first award and any subsequent awards.

Children of members of the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Auxiliary will be deemed eligible for this Scholarship.




It shall be the duty and privilege of the “Organization Members” to elect two delegates to the annual convention of the Association. A Chief or President of a member organization shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of a delegate during his term of office. All delegates shall be required to furnish credentials from his or her organization, certified by the presiding officer and secretary, that he or she has been duly elected to represent them, that he or she is and has been a member of such organization for at least six months previous to his or her election and a resident of the place where the organization is located. A delegate elected for the annual meeting at which he shall attend shall be entitled to vote at such annual meeting and such meetings, provided his dues are paid.


Chiefs, Presidents, and delegates may retain their individual membership in the Association once they have been admitted, provided their dues are paid.


Any person may be elected to fully paid life membership of this Association by the majority vote of all members present at the annual meeting upon the following conditions and restrictions: upon retirement as President of the Association or upon payment of twenty years of dues-paying membership in the Association.

Five-year members for five consecutive years as an attendant at the annual meetings as a regularly elected delegate from any member organization in good standing, for being five years an attendant at our annual meetings as Chief or President of any fire department or fire company within the Counties holding membership in this Association. After the expiration of five years from the time when he or she first becomes a delegate and the payment of his or her annual dues for the period.  in either of the above capacities, he or she shall be entitled to five-year membership. Upon fulfilling the said requirements, the Secretary shall issue a certificate and membership pin to such person achieving the status of five-year member.


Each delegate shall be entitled to the same privileges as an annually elected delegate, so long as his or her dues are paid, but shall cast only his or her own ballot.


A member shall not be suspended for non-payment of dues until he or she shall be two years in arrears. If dues are two years in arrears for these members, the Secretary will drop them from the rolls and they will have to reapply for membership to the Association with no credit for time served.


At the November meeting of the association, the Financial Secretary will submit a list of all member organizations that are two (2) or more years in arrears on their dues to the WNYVFA.

Those member organizations will be suspended by a majority vote of the members present, for up to one year or until payment of all outstanding dues. Each suspended members organizations will be notified of such suspension by regular mail.

If the outstanding dues in arrears are not paid in full after one-year suspension, the member organization will be dropped from the rolls of the association.


Any active member of a department belonging to the Western New York Firemen’s Association may become an individual member of this Association without becoming a delegate to the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association from their respective Company. Each prospective applicant may become a member after completing the membership application and paying an initiation fee and first year’s dues.



Initiation Fee for all Organizations ............................................. $10.00
Annual Dues for all Organizations ............................................. $15.00
Annual Dues for all Chiefs, Presidents,
Individual Members, and Fire Year Members ........................... $5.00
Initiation Fee for Individual Members ........................................ $5.00


After five years of service, one shall be considered a Five-Year Member and receive a membership pin. Upon completion of another fifteen (15) years of paying dues, or completion of a term as President, one shall receive a Fully Paid Life Membership Card and Certificate of Fully Paid Life Membership and no further dues shall be required.


Reciprocal Membership. Any sectional organization is entitled to reciprocal membership in this Association through the exchange of delegates.


When the association is notified in writing that a member of the association is engaged in active service with any branch of the armed services, the member’s status shall remain in good standing and their dues shall be waived for a period of four (4) continuous years from the date of notification. If the association is notified in writing that the length of service exceeds the four (4) years, then the association may vote to extend the period to coincide with such service.



Fifty (50) members of the Association will constitute a quorum for the purposes of conducting business at regular business meetings and the annual meeting.


A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee.



Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the authority in all questions of Parliamentary Law not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws.



These By-Laws may be amended on the second day of any annual convention by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting provided the By-Law Committee presents the proposed amendments to the convention at the first day’s meeting. All proposed amendments must be submitted in duplicate to the Recording Secretary at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting.



The order of business is to be regulated by the Executive Committee.