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Minutes of the June 10, 2007

Sergeant at Arms Don Trzepacz pointed the fire exits out to the membership.

President Forest Skelton called the meeting to order at 14:00 hours

Pledge of Allegiance: Sergeant at Arms Don Trzepacz led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chaplin John Totter gave the Invocation and asked that we remember some recently departed and their families.

A motion was made by David Schmidt and seconded by Wayne Butts to accept the minutes as presented. Motion Carried.

Report of Recording Secretary Dave Flynn
Read his report and gave his congratulations to Warren Rathke for fire service of the year from FASNY. He also read the communications. Motion to accept was made by
Ken Fuller second by Gerry Petrie. Carried.

Treasurers Report: Dave Wolf
Dave gave a report on the finances
Motion to Accept by Ed Tase second by Gerry Gherig Carried.

President’s Report: Forest Skelton
Talked about convention.

First Vice President: No Report

Second Vice President: Leo Grenier talked on testimonial
Dinner tickets.

Motion to accept reports by Dave Schmidt second by              Wayne Butts motion carried

Committee Reports

Trustee report Dave Schmidt
Six present, all set for audit and program book.

Bowling Committee
No report

Local Committee Jack Hurlburt
There is a change in the parade route

Budget & Program Book: by Bob Walker
Meeting was held at 12:30 changes were discussed
New contract to be approved with Marketing Squad.

Bylaws Committee: reported by Bill Kershner
There will be 3 new bylaw proposals to be voted on at the convention

Convention Committee: Reported by Mark Kasprzak
No report.

EMS Committee: Reported by Brian Hill
Hoping to hear from entrants.

Explorer/Junior Firefighter Committee:
No report.

Fireman of the Year Committee: Ken Fuller
There were 51 candidates winners were picked. Paul Oehmler talked on state nominations.

Fire Officers Committee: Reported by Bill Kershner
No report

2nd vice president Leo Grenier took over meeting.

Fire Police Committee: Reported by Jeni Corser
Have selected fire police of the year

Fire Prevention Committee: Reported by Shirley Lanni.
No report.

Historical Committee: Reported by Forest Skelton
They want information on Fire Companies anniversaries.

Investment & Finance Committee: Reported by Dave Wolf
Report given earlier.

Legislative committee report by Bill Kershner
Spoke on State Legislature.

Memorial Scholarship Committee:  Report by Tim Wolfanger
Read names of winners.
There were 10 applicants
They raised the award money levels.

Nominations Committee: Report by Brad Chapman
He has only 2 names for nominations.

Nozzle Practice Committee: Report by Doug Wright
All set.

Parade Committee: Report by Jack Hurlburt:
There is a route change. Will use State judges.

Past Presidents Committee: Bruce Isaman:
No report.

President’s Participation Award: Reported
No report.

Public Relations Committee: Report by Stanley Macwillams:
Needs info for FASNY Magazine.

Queen’s Pageant Committee: Report by Barb Eddy
No report.

Resolutions Committee:  Michel Delamere:
Read a resolution
Motion to accept was made by Bill Kershner second by Mark Kasprzak carried.

Topics Committee: Report by Mark Kasprzak
No report

2 % Tax Committee: Report by
No report.

Web Site Committee: Reported by Dave Flynn
No report.

Northern Central: Report by Gerald Hendrickson
Gave year book to secretary.

Southwestern: Report by David Hintz
Read dates of next convention at Lake Erie.

Steering committee Paul Oehmler
Held meeting prior to regular meeting read FASNY recommendations for trustees Tom McKinney and Ted Rosco looking for other nominees
Talked on convention hospitality rooms.

A motion was made by Alan Way  to accept committee reports seconded by Pete Frazon
Motion carried.
Unfinished business nothing
Motion was made Paul Oehmler to send letters of recommendation for named State nominees second by Wayne Butts carried.

New Business
Motion to borrow fire police equipment by Bob Carncross second by Ken Curry carried.

Motion to buy convention golf shirts for western members in the Firemen’s home by Ken Fuller second by Dave Schmidt Carried

A motion to buy them every year was made by Mark Kasprzak second by William Kershner carried.

  Good of the order FASNY president Mike Wutz spoke on state leaders and legislators and relationship with them, status and convention. \
Tom Mooney spoke on dedication of the new home.
Wayne Butts spoke on fire fighter games.

2nd vice president Leo Grenier read guest list.

Sergeant at Arms Don Trzepacz reported 87 members and guests are present.

Benediction was made by Chaplin John Totter

Excused list was read by Timothy Tyrrell: excused were Neil Haseley, John Wise, Glenn Wendt, Ron Miesner, Dennis Hunt, Eric Bradshaw, Cindy Hunt, Al Taylor, Wendi Walker, Carl Meyers, Ed Kasprzak, Howard Wollbert, Jerry Lute, Primo Biscaro, Chris Curry, John Wise, Howard Ayers, Bob Brown, Brad Chapman.

President Forest Skelton Adjourned meeting  at 15:15
Motion to adjourn was made by everybody.
Respectively submitted by:

Timothy Tyrrell David Flynn
Western New York Volunteer's Firemen's Association     P.O. Box 216     Niagara Falls     New York     14304-0216
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