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Minutes of the April 15, 2007

President Forrest Skelton called the meeting to order at
1400 hrs and pointed the fire exits out to the membership.
Sgt at Arms Don Trzepacz led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
The invocation was led by Chaplin John Totter.

A motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting was made by
Bob Carncross and seconded by David Schmidt. Motion carried.
Report of Recording Secretary Dave Flynn
 Communications and letters were read.
Motion to accept his report was made by Pete Frazon and seconded by Allan Way. Motion carried.

Report of Treasurer David Wolf:
He read his report on all accounts.
Motion to accept his report was made by Ken Fuller and seconded  by Bill Bush. Motion carried.

President’s report
2nd vice president Leo Grenier nothing
1st vice president Eric Bradshaw gave a report on his activites.
President Forrest Skelton reported on trip to Albany for FASNY
Help is needed for convention in Cheektowaga.


Committee Reports

First Vice President Eric Bradshaw took over meeting

Trustee Report:  Primo Biscara. 8 trustees present

Bowling Committee: Marc Kasperzak. Reported on bowling tournament
And turned over check from profits.

Budget & Program Book: Bob Walker. Reported on progress of
Program book donations and contract.

Bylaws Committee: Bill Kershner. One new proposal on prize money
for parades.
Convention Committee: Beth Bennett reported on convention
Progress. Kickoff diner will be held in Bergen Fire Hall.

EMS Committee: Report by Brian Hill letters going out.

Explorer/Junior Firefighter Committee: No report.

Fireman of the Year Committee: Reported by Ken Fuller. Letters out for nominees
Have to be in by May 1st winner will be picked at June meeting.

Fire Officers Committee: No report

Fire Police Committee: Reported by Jeni Corser Winner has been picked noted the
Passing of Warren Rhulman.

Fire Prevention Committee: Reported by Shirly Lanni Received essays from 7 counties
Prizes awarded.

Historical Committee: Reported by Frank Wilzak Interested in information of fire co’s
Celebrating anniversaries.

Investment & Finance Committee: Reported in treasurer’s report.

Legislative Committee: Report by Bill Kershner reported on 12 bills being introduced
Second Vice President Leo Grenier took over meeting.

Memorial Scholarship Committee:  Report by John O’Neil sent out mailing
Committee will meet.

Nominations Committee: No report

Nozzle Practice Committee: No report

Parade Committee: Report by Jack Hurlbert Reviewing stand is at tent city. Parade
to start at 7;00 PM.

Past Presidents Committee: Report by Bruce Isaman Their dinner April 22nd.

President’s Participation Award: No report

Public Relations Committee: Report by Stan MacWillams: Need information for
FASNY magazine.

Queens Pagent Committee: No report

Resolutioons Committee: No report.

Steering Committee: Paul Oehlmer Dave Wolf was nominated for home trustee he was well received, June meeting of committee for fireman year and publicity committee.

Topics Committee: No report

2 % Tax Committee: Report by Gerry Buckenmyer Send in questions ahead of time for

Web Site Committee: No report

Northern Central: Report by Gerald Hendrickson Announced up coming dates.

Southwestern: No report

Firemen’s Home Report: Report by Norm Eberle Spoke on progress in home. 

 Unfinished Business: Dave Flynn asked on status of website bill of 60$ per hr. to
be paid.

New Business:
Dave Flynn presented information on bylaw change on unpaid membership dues over
A certain amount of time.

Norm Eberle made a motion to remove any one who owes dues for more than 3 yrs.
2nd by Doug Wright carried unanimously. Bylaw Committee to draw up a Bylaw change.\
Mark Kasprzak asked about a mailing to all Fully Paid Life members. Dave Flynn said
that it wll be done.


Good of the Organization 
Paul Oehlmler reported on the up coming FASNY convention hotels filling up
Installation on Friday evening truck rodeo on Friday afternoon, there was a new
Member to home from Niagara Hose Co, No, 3 Tonawanda.

Mark Kasprzak reported on EMS provider program.

Ed Tase reported on fire co’s delinquent in there dues to FASNY.

Sgt-at arms Don Trzepacz reported 103 members in attendance.

Assistant secretary Tim Tyrell read excused list Neil Haseley,Gary Hunt,Andrew Pilecki
Tom Mooney, Walter Lang, Bob Hintz, Larry Schosek, Larry Nagel,Tom Wolfanger, John Wise, Wayne Stanly, Brad Chapman, Ray Emma, Bob Maid, Dave Parker, Jonathan McNight,
Lynn Miller, Dennis Hunt, Fritz Neidert.
Motion to accept excused list was made by Ken Fuller seconded by Gerald Gehrig carried.
2nd Vice President Leo Grenier read the guest list.

Benediction: Given by Chaplin John Totter,

Motion to adjourn was made by many 2nd by all
President Skelton adjourned the meeting at 1510 Hours.

Respectively submitted by

Timothy Tyrrell David Flynn
Western New York Volunteer's Firemen's Association     P.O. Box 216     Niagara Falls     New York     14304-0216
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