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Minutes of the January 6,2008 Regular meeting

President Eric Bradshaw called the meeting to order at 2:00pm.He Pointed the fire exits out to the membership.

Assistant Sgt. at Arms Mark Frazon led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

John Totter did the invocation.

Report of Recording Secretary Wendi Walker
She reported on dues status fire company dues are out member dues
Are going out soon

Report of Treasurer David Wolf:
He read his report.
Motion to accept the reports was made by Forest Skelton 2nd
By Bill Bush motion carried.

President’s report by Eric Bradshaw
He read letters regarding 20 & 30-year service awards from Livingston County and Dansville opposing the change.

First Vice President Leo Grenier - No report

Second Vice President Mark Kasprzak - No report
Committee Reports
 1st Vice President Leo Grenier took over the meeting

Trustee Report: Howard Ayers 7 trustees present.

Bowling Committee:Mark Kasprzak applications are out Competition
Is to be held Febuary 23&24 March 1st &2nd at Ally Brant Lanes in

Local Committee Eric Bradshaw Mailings going out check website
www.albionnyfd.com for forms.

Budget & Program Book: Bob Walker 42% of goal in for
Program book.

Bylaws Committee:by Paul Olhmier no bylaw changes proposed.

Convention Committee:Beth Bennett no report.
EMS Committee: Reported by Brian Hill Awards were mailed out.

Explorer/Junior Firefighter Committee: Report by Forest Skelton compiling contact list.

Fireman of the Year Committee: Reported by Ken Fuller spoke on awards. EMS-Fireman
Of year award Committee and parade committee mailing is out. Need returns by May 1st. 
For printer. He noted that the previous committee chairman made changes with out committee approval.

Fire Officers Committee: Reported by Harold Wallaber working with local committee.
There will be a program on Friday 2:00pm at convention.

Fire Police Committee: Reported by Carl Meyers read Jenni Corser’s report mailing
Is out committees met at Bowmansville to do the joint mailing.

Fire Prevention Committee: Reported by Shirly Lanni essays are in working on judging.
Essays are in from 6 counties.
Historical Committee: Reported by Wendi Walker Frank is looking for fire company
Installation programs.

Investment & Finance Committee: Reported by Dave Wolf all set
2nd Vice President Mark Kaprzak took over meeting

Legislative Committee: Report given by Mark Kasprzak Legislative committee meetings
Set for February 29th at Alexander May 3rd at Shawnee and South Western in lakevill
No date set.

Memorial Scholarship Committee:  Report by Tim Wolfanger letters are out April 21st
Is the deadline, judging May 21st Tyler Hall turned in application for payment. His
Father gave a $40 dollar donation. Tyler also joined Western.

Nominations Committee: Report by Forest Skelton wants letters of endorsement.

Nozzle Practice Committee: Report by Doug Wright no report.

Parade Committee: Report by no report.

Past Presidents Committee: Report given by Forest Skelton dinner coming up.

President’s Participation Award: Reported by Wayne Stanley placks are being changed.

Public Relations Committee: Report by Stanly MacWilliams wants pictures and news
For FASNY magazine. He is finishing up committee pictures.
Queen’s Pageant Committee: Report by no report

Resolutions Committee: Report by no report

Steering Committee: Report by no report

Topics Committee: Report by no report

2 % Tax Committee: Report by no report

Web Site Committee: Reported by Eric Bradshaw presently up dating site.

Northern Central: Report by Dave Sweet meeting Jan 14th

Southwestern: Report by Robert Hintz meeting February 21st Lakeshore central

Quarterly Meeting Minutes January 6 2008

Steering Committee Paul Olmhier wants letters of recommendation for Dave Wolf’s
Nomination as trustee to home.

Local Committee Eric Bradshaw Information going out for convention forms will be on web site

Motion to accept reports of committees was made by Doug Wright second by Pete Frazon
Firemen’s Home Report: Report by Norm Ebberly spoke on status of home. They were having
Trouble with ballasts in lights they were replaced by contractor. Also a
problem with roof Fan has been corrected. A check for 500 dollars was presented for room at home by western officers.
President Eric Bradshaw took over meeting.   

New & Unfinished Business: Denis Hunt recommended that nominations be in by April.
Paul Olhmier reported that Mike Wutz had hip replaced and is doing well.Web site
Is being up dated. 2 directors are resigning Greg Turrell and John Lasik. FASNY offices
Are moving to first floor of building. Fasny games are at Cortland in February. 
Mark Kasprzak reported on EMS seminar at Montour Falls March 2nd.

Good of the Organization A moment of silence for Ray Emma and Edward Ver Weire.
Ken Fuller there will be seminar for fire police in Brockport May 3rd. Howard Ayers
Reported on Donna Gilcrist. Gary Hunt is judging fire prevention essays and association with Masonic Lodge doing child Ids. Scholarship fund is named after Jerry Buckenmeyer. Ed Tase spoke on new membership brochure and project 50 from FASNY. There is 42000 members and thanked western for members. Ken Fuller has fire police brochure. Dave Wolf                              deadline for Fireman of year is May 1st.Stanley MacWilliams spoke on fireman 200-dollar tax exemption use State form IT245.Also can be used on property tax.   
Dave Wolf stated he would not be a candidate for treasurer of western.
Mark Kasprzak named past presidents and guests.

Assistant Sgt. At Arms Mark Frazon stated 68 members and guests present
President Eric Bradshaw read the excused list.
Motion to adjourn was made by Gary Hunt 2nd by Pete Frazon carried
Benediction: Given by John Totter

President Bradshaw adjourned the meeting at 14:10 Hours.

In Memory of
Ray Emma and Edward Ver Weire

Respectively submitted by

Timothy Tyrrell Wendi Walker
Western New York Volunteer's Firemen's Association     P.O. Box 216     Niagara Falls     New York     14304-0216
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